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Handbook of Awakening

This book, as the name suggests, is a handbook of awakening, including 15 awakening dialogues, photos, articles and loads of extra material. It also gives detailed practical instructions of how to attain awakening through The Two-Part Formula, as defined in buddhism.

In English

Purchase Awake! Handbook of Awakening from Amazon (kindle) or download it for free here.

In German

Download: Erwacht! Handbuch zum Erwachen

The contents of this book changed my life forever in a wonderful way.
THIS is what all of the different sects of Buddhism are trying to show you.
The vast majority of dharma practitioners take YEARS (sometimes decades!)
to realize what this book did for me within a week. The exercise given,
if practiced seriously, will bring about a permanent shift in your
experiential perspective that will show you what your true self really is,
and much more importantly, is not. The accounts given in the book help you
to be sure if the results of the exercise that you experience are what is
intended. They show you that there is both variety in what you can experience
as well as a very clear commonality - our true nature. I could not recommend
this book more to anyone lucky enough to come across it. It's the real deal.
Did you think Enlightenment was a myth? You're about to find out.”
- Trevor