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Rinpoche's Announcement reg.

Guru Rinpoche's Pure Land Buddhism

Dear Dharma Friends,

For the past couple of years our mission and community has had two names: Open Heart and Pemako Buddhism, that is, Guru Rinpoche's Pure Land Buddhism. At this point, I strongly feel that it is time to let go of Open Heart as the name of the mission and begin using its proper name, which is much more fitting and descriptive of what we do in our sangha. Also, both Pemako Buddhism and Guru Rinpoche's Pure Land Buddhism have a lot of spiritual power in them, especially in comparison to Open Heart which despite of sounding nice, is bland and doesn't really tell anything about us. I am writing this announcement after both the Teaching Staff and online community have welcomed my suggestion.

In the near future our pages in Facebook and YouTube will be re-named accordingly. has already been in use for about 2 years and leads to our main website that has been accessed through until now. Relevant updates can be followed at our website and Facebook.

May Guru Rinpoche's blessings fall on all sentient beings like a heavy monsoon rain!

May all beings be free!

With gratitude and bows,

-Kim, 17.12.2019